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Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland
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170s-171s-172s-vibration-resistant-temperature sensor

Specially designed for shipping and heavy industry. Vibration-resistant temperature sensor with stainless steel connection head, resistant to extreme stresses. Custom-made with swivel or nipple process connection and a Lloyd's approval.


Vibration-resistant sensor, resistant to extreme stresses such as with ship diesel engines or heavy industry! The 170S series is fitted with a stainless steel connection head with cable swivel feed-through PG11 and is vibration-resistant in accordance with Lloyd's ref.01/30008(E3). This sensor has a process connection in accordance with customer specifications and can be fitted with a 2-wire transmitter type TRM33A.

  • temperatuursensor-170S type 170
  • temperatuursensor-171S type 171
  • temperatuursensor-172S type 172
  • Lloyds type approvalLloyd's approval
  • 170S: Stainless steel vibration-resistant sensor swivel nut with internal thread.
  • 171S: Vibration-resistant stainless steel sensor, nipple with external thread.
  • 172S: Stainless steel vibration-resistant sensor without process connection.
Length, diameter, and measurement system as requested with order.
Possible applications
  • Heavy industrial applications
  • General industry
  • Shipping
  • Diesel engines/Generators
Measurement element
  • PT100
  • PT200
  • PT500
  • PT1000
  • Ni100
  • Ni1000
  • Thermocouple J or K.
Measurement system
  • Single version
  • Duplex version
  • 2, 3 or 4-lead technology.
Temperature range Standard range to a maximum of 300 °C. 
Also suitable for high temperature measurements. 
This is however very much dependent upon the chosen materials, connection cables and construction.
For the correct version, please feel free to contact us.
  • Measuring section stainless steel-316. 
  • Stainless steel-304 connection head
Dimensions As requested with order
Process connection Refer to type numbers for the desired version, including BSP, NPT screw thread.
Connection cable Screw connection in the connection head , so supplied without cable.
IP-norm  IP-65.
(for supplement) 
  • Duplex version.
  • Head transmitter TRM33A, measurement range as requested.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/3 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/5 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/10 Din selection.

• Brochure
• Further information about dimensions, connection and cables is given on the Support pages.


The delivery of standard types from stocks and customer-specific versions can be within a few days. In view of the large number of versions and options for orders you can contact our sales department tel. +31 50-501 37 45 or by email:
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