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Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland
Tel: 050-5013745 Email:

156-cable-temperature sensor

Temperature sensor in standard cable element version without process connection.


The 156 series of cable elements are insert probes with a fixed mounted connection cable. available in various standard diameters and cable types. As measurement system standard PT100 and various Thermocouples are possible, with also more specific recorders in PT200, PT500, PT1000, Ni100 and Ni1000. The cable sensors are suitable for all sorts of application in for example industry, greenhouses, ovens, climate control and machine construction. Connection cable possible in PVC, PUR, Silicon, PTFE or Glass silk for temperatures up to 600 °C. As option an anti-kink coil can be mounted on the cable outlet.

Types 156 series: Cable sensor without process connection. 
Length, diameter, measurement system and connection cable as requested with order.
Possible applications
  • General industry.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Ovens.
  • Climate control.
  • Machine construction.
Measurement element PT1000, PT200, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, Ni1000,
Thermocouple J, K or T.
Measurement system Single or Duplex version in 2, 3 or 4-lead technology.
Temperature range See connection cables for possible temperature ranges. 
This is however very dependent on the chosen materials, connection cables and construction. 
For the right version you are of course welcome to contact us.
Materials Stainless steel-316.
Dimensions As requested with order. 
Standard diameters 1-15 mm, standard lengths 10-500 mm. 
Other sizes according to customer's desired length and diameter.
Process connection Smooth insert for clamp/grip mounting, etc.
connection cable     materials     temperature range
  • PVC            max.  80 °C
  • PUR            max.  70 °C
  • Silicon         max. 180 °C
  • PTFE           max. 250 °C
  • Glass silk      max. 600 °C

Standard length 2 metres, indicate other lengths on ordering.


IP-norm  IP-65.
(for supplement) 
  • Connection connector as requested, M8, M12 or customer-specific.
  • Thermocouple connector Male or Female, small or large model.
  • Watertight version (not possible in combination with PTFE cable).
  • Measurement system PT100 1/3 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/5 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/10 Din selection.
  • Smart coil.
  • Potting box.

• Brochure
• Further information about dimensions, connection and cables is given on the Support pages.


The delivery of standard types from stocks and customer-specific versions can be within a few days. In view of the large number of versions and options for orders you can contact our sales department tel. +31 50-501 37 45 or by email:
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