Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland Tel: 050-5013745 Email:
Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland
Tel: 050-5013745 Email:
spoed leveringSensor broken?
Emergency service for rush orders of sensors!

Even though the (temperature) sensors are made very well, there is always the small chance that one may become faulty.
That is not too bad in itself, until you find you do not have a spare one.
You would then have to shutdown the machines due to safety considerations..........

AND NOW......?

This is when you call upon the help of our emergency service. Just tell us what you need and we will take care of it straightaway. In practice this means that we will be able to make a new sensor for you within a few hours. Any standstill and costs incurred will be kept to a minimum. This service is unique. You do not pay anything extra for this, but we trust that even if you are in no great rush you will think of us. 
Our standard delivery time is just a few days anyway. Please feel free to ask about the possibilities; you will be surprised!

This service applies not only to our standard temperature sensors but also for:
• customer-specific PT100, PT500, PT1000, NI100 or Thermocouple sensors
• pressure sensors
• relative humidity sensors
• level sensors
• panel instrumentation
• digital hand-held thermometers
• and so on

The quality of our articles is guaranteed by the many certificates that apply to the goods and the firm. 
RS Technics is ISO-9001 2015 certified and we provide you with the Lloyd's Approval.
Feel free to phone, fax or e-mail us; we will be happy to make our expertise available.......

This service is UNIQUE in the Netherlands; phone in case of emergency!
Outside office hours our telephone number will be automatically redirected. For this let the phone ring 8 to 10 times.